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History of Division W

DivisionWisproud to be one of the 15 Divisions in District 51 

which serves more than 7,000 members in Brunei, Indonesia

and Malaysia. District 51 have achived President's Distinguished

District Status for nine years in a row (1997-2006), and

had set a benchmark to be Number One District in the World

for Five Consecutive Years from 1998-2003


Division W came into being when Division C grew to her strength of

40 clubs in her Division C.

Division W was formed in year 2001-2002 under the leadership of

DTM Ramdas Nayar, the First Division W Governor.

This marked the First Chapter of Division W, with only 4 Areas 

Division W today have 35 clubs in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

(Wilayah Persekutuan) and Selangor with the help of 8 Area Governors

and Division Council Members. In just a few years, Division W has grown

to more than twice its size in the number of clubs.

This term Division W start off wth netgrowth of 2 New Areas giving a total

of 8 Areas (2009-2010).


Division W achieved Preident's Distinguished Divsion since the formation in

2001 till today going for Eight Years in a roll.

Well done to all the Division Governors that servered

their term. Division W is so proud of all the Past Division W Governors.

The Second Chapter of Division W was the formation of a new Division in District 51. 

The birth of a New Division P under the Leadership of ATMB, CL Lakhmichand M.A. the

First Division P Governor 2004-2005.


There will be more chapters flowing up after this.

Do strive to make Division W the Best Division in District 51.





                                                                             DIVISION W GOVERNORS

 Division W Governor 2001-2002 

DTM Ramdas Nayar 

President's Distinguished Division

H/P: 013-3656705


                                                                              Division W Governor 2002-2003

ATMS, CL Hassan Thean

President's Distinguished Division

H/P: 019-3383911


                                                                           Division W Governor 2003-2004

DTM Geoff Andrew

President's Distinguished Division

H/P 014-662 2013



                                                                           Division W Governor 2004-2005

DTM Lum Woon Foong

President's Distinguished Division

H/P: 012-2388610


                                                                            Division W Governor 2005-2006

DTM Tang Sum Chee

President's Distinguished Division

                                                                                      H/P: 013-3322366



                                                                         Division W Governor 2006-2007

DTM Francis Ng

President's Distinguished Division 

(All 5 Areas were President's Distinguished)

H/P: 019-2222911


                                                                             Division W Governor 2007-2008

DTM Azmi Shahrin

President's Distinguished Division 

H/P: 012-9198557


                                                                         Division W Governor 2008-2009

CTM, ALS Dr. Sharon Tong

President's Distinguised Division

H/P 012-210 2402


                                                                             Division W Governor 2009-2010

DTM Soh Fong Wai

Metropolitan Bilingual (11183411)

Klang Eilingual (849962)

Dútama (5912)

H/P 012-227 1290 
Division W Theme 2009-2010




                                                  Past Division W Governors, Present Division W Governor

& Division W Governor Elect 2009-2010

Presented at Wisma WIM 2009